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Women’s Health & Family Wellness

How many of you have been told by your physicians that according to your lab reports, you are perfectly healthy and there is nothing wrong with you?  But you know that there is something deeper… and you feel like you aren’t being heard?  I’m here to say… “I hear you!”  Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Memory

Take Charge of Your Emotional and Relational Health

Whether we are wanting to eat more healthy, exercise more regularly, or keep our kids out of the doctor’s offices–we are all on a journey for health!  But as we are on this journey, it is difficult for us to forget 3 main components of a healthy lifestyle.  Take a week this month to be

Embracing JOY During a Season of Transition

I thought that once I was married and moved half way across the country I would finally be able to settle in and be done with the season of uncertainty but if I’ve learned anything from all the life changes that have taken place in the past seven months it’s that LIFE is a season

Nutrient Dense Calories

‘How to increase my energy’; ‘Maintain energy levels;’ ‘Adrenal health’; ‘low energy levels’; these are daily Google searches.  Throughout the day, the resource you often run out of is energy. Each of your cells require energy to function. What is another word for energy? Calorie. Generally when that word is mentioned, it’s in the context of

The Lifestream Distinction: Why We Care and Why You Should Too

Through the years, I have had many people ask, “What makes you different?” and have struggled to answer. It isn’t because I can’t find ways that we are unique, it is more because there are so many aspects that make us unique that I’ve struggled to define it in a shortened manner. I’ve often been

Feet as the Foundation

  Toe pain, foot pain, ankle pain – oh my!?!?! Have you or do you suffer from pain or other irritating symptoms (e.g. including but not limited to numbness, tingling, sharpness) in any of these mentioned areas? How about symptoms in your calf, heel, lower leg, foot, or even at the ankle? Do you have

Why ‘Women’s Chiropractic?’

What is “health?”  Is it having a strong immune system?  Is it absorbing all the nutrients your body needs to survive?  Is it being hormonally balanced?  Is it being able to be emotionally available to your family and friends when things are tough?  Health is all of these things!  Too often in our society, we

Three Ways to Enhance YOU in 2016

1) LAUGH LAUGHTER IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED BECAUSE: • Your laughter relaxes you. A good, heart felt laugh relieves physical stress and tension, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. • Your laughter boosts your immune system. Influence not only your own immune system, but others. Laughter is contagious…health is contagious. Laughter decreases stress hormones and

Dr. Amanda, what is Torque Release Technique®?

Torque Release Technique® (TRT) is a neurologically-based 21st-century model of chiropractic that has been developed by combining the most effective, evidence-based adjusting techniques.   It utilizes an advanced analysis, based on neurological function of the muscular system, without the need for expensive machinery or diagnostic tools.  This advanced neurologic analysis allows Dr. Amanda to oversee the

Movement: The Hidden Nutrient for the Body and Brain – Part 2

How does movement drive all of these body processes? First, a crash course in anatomy and physiology (I’m going to try to put 9 years of education into a couple of sentences that are understandable). Each system in the body serves a specific role to help the body as a whole. The digestive system breaks


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