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I thought that once I was married and moved half way across the country I would finally be able to settle in and be done with the season of uncertainty but if I’ve learned anything from all the life changes that have taken place in the past seven months it’s that LIFE is a season of transition.
Moving to a new state, with a new husband, getting a new job, and a new puppy all while stripping away any sort of support system or community has caused a lot of growth and reflection. There were a lot of evenings with tear filled conversation and a longing for the comforts of “home.” As the newness of everything wore off, I began to realize I needed to establish some normalcy to my new reality.
Joining a gym in the area was one of the first steps to regaining community. Playing sports growing up and through college I really missed the team aspect. Showing up  to the gym everyday and having people know me by name really meant a lot in the first few months. Exercising and competition has always been an outlet for me so finding that in my new life was huge.
Another huge blessing was getting involved in our local church and building relationships through our small group. Coming together every week and having people be intentional about getting to know us has really helped me find joy in this current season.
So whatever struggles you are facing try and take a step back and think how can I find joy in this circumstance that I am in? Changing your thought process to one of joy can help in a tremendous way. Reach out to friends near or far, be intentional in your relationships, get outside, read a good book, get to the gym, or find whatever activity that you enjoy and gets you moving.
Kaitlyn Kerr




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