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Have you wondered about Prenatal Massage and if it is beneficial for you during your pregnancy? Studies have shown that getting a massage during pregnancy is an instrumental ingredient to prenatal health.

Prenatal massage can help by:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Decreasing symptoms of depression
  • Reducing muscle tension and joint pain
  • Improving labor outcomes
  • Benefiting delivery and newborn’s and health

Massage has also been shown to help regulate hormones during pregnancy. The hormones that are associated with stress and relaxation are often significantly altered with the massage, which helps with mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health. Other benefits include: reduced back pain, improved circulation, reduced edema and better sleep. As with any other massage, there can be risks involved, so it is important that the massage therapist has been trained specifically in Prenatal massage.  It is also important to consult with the therapist of any conditions or concerns during the pregnancy, so that they can ensure that you receive the best care possible!

For more information on Prenatal Massage:
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