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Whether we are wanting to eat more healthy, exercise more regularly, or keep our kids out of the doctor’s offices–we are all on a journey for health!  But as we are on this journey, it is difficult for us to forget 3 main components of a healthy lifestyle.  Take a week this month to be intentional about implementing these 3 lifestyle factors!

Check your thoughts!  I know you’ve heard of a food journal… but have you ever done a thought journal?  Excess negative thoughts about yourself or about others will only drain you and make you less than your best.  So how do you overcome your negative thoughts?  Try this… Be thankful. Be present. Forgive. And filter. Find one thing to be thankful for about yourself or one positive thing about the person who is driving you crazy.  Every time you look in the mirror, say thank you to yourself about that one thing and every time you see that person, say in your mind the one thing you can be thankful for about them. Be present, don’t let your mind wander to the past (which you cannot change) or get caught up in worrying about the future (it’s a waste of your time and your energy!). Don’t forget to forgive… you might not feel like it, but speak it out loud anyway.  Your body, mind and heart will thank you for it later!  Lastly, take all your negative thoughts/situations through this *filter: what is the fact, what is the truth and what is the lie.  Choose to believe the truth and live in freedom.  Don’t let negativity rob you of you being you.  Be you the the FULL!

*filter: from Cindy Scott at Bridges Coaching

Social Support: 
You were made for relationship!  Sure, we all need alone time from time to time, BUT being the Lone Ranger won’t get you far in life or in your workouts.  Not saying you must have a partner that you work out with every day (though that’s not a bad idea!).  However, having healthy relationships in all areas of your life will promote positive emotional energy.  Having positive emotional energy will provide the fuel you need for a healthy LIFESTYLE of working out!  (AKA: Not just working out when you are angry or stressed.)  Relationships are what refine us and make us who we are.  So, go ahead, embrace the dissonance and embrace the love!  Set up healthy boundaries and push into relationship even when it’s a little tricky.  The hard stuff only makes you stronger…

Busy.  Tired.  Exhausted.  Do you recognize these terms?  Is this your response to “How are you”?  I hope not, but if so, don’t worry- there is hope!  Rest and recovery are one of the primary things overlooked in our society today.  We’ve bought into the lie that doing more means being more…  The truth? Being YOU to the FULL means being MORE.  To do this, your body NEEDS rest!  To be more creative, have more energy, be more fulfilled, to be MORE in general- get some rest and take some time unwind and unplug! You’ll come back with more energy and vigor than before!  What are you waiting for?  Now’s the time- plan your next getaway, sneak in a quick nap or go ahead and venture outside to play for a bit.  You only get one life, live it FULLY ALIVE.

Lauren GildersleeveCertified Life Coach




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