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Through the years, I have had many people ask, “What makes you different?” and have struggled to answer. It isn’t because I can’t find ways that we are unique, it is more because there are so many aspects that make us unique that I’ve struggled to define it in a shortened manner. I’ve often been told I have the ‘Irish gift of Gab’, which means I take more words to than necessary to say what I want to communicate. As our clinic has grown, I’ve been blessed with many wonderful Team members that have helped me define our difference more than in the past.

We recently started using the tagline “Creating a Culture of CARE.” Care, more than anything, is what sets us apart. Not a self-serving type of care. When we say care, we mean the kind where we will go to whatever length to help carry others burdens, find solutions, and bring joy to others. I’ve seen this when our Team covers shifts for each other, spends time together just for fun, and is the first call when trouble occurs. I’ve seen it when caring for patients, as our common saying to them is “I will be the last person to give up on you. Even if you give up, I’ll still be here.”

I was greatly impressed recently when a patient had to go to the hospital for some emergency care. Dr. Sam spent several days going to the hospital to visit with him, talk to his family, and provide support beyond the typical in-office care that is given. The feedback we’ve received from the family and the medical providers is that “they are blessed to be working with such an intelligent doctor. “ How often does your provider go the extra mile to care for you? Dr. Sam’s example is one of many that I could share from our providers and is the foundation of our difference.

You can go to our website and Facebook pages to see more testimonials of lives being changed and individuals being cared for in an uncommon manner. If you have a story that you’d like to share with how you have experienced the Lifestream difference, please share it with us. We love to hear! We are excited to see the future of authentic, uncommon care that we are creating and look forward to caring for you and your family the same way we care for ours! Let us know how we can help.


Joe O’Tool, D.C.




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