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What is “health?”  Is it having a strong immune system?  Is it absorbing all the nutrients your body needs to survive?  Is it being hormonally balanced?  Is it being able to be emotionally available to your family and friends when things are tough?  Health is all of these things!  Too often in our society, we think of ‘health’ as ‘not being sick,’ but we overlook the fact that having a “healthy lifestyle” involves emotional and relational health just as much as it involves physical health.  In fact, this is a piece of our healthcare system that is missing, and this is why “women’s health” has a place in chiropractic.

It is understood that the brain “sends messages” to the body, but what we seem to so often forget is that the body also sends messages to the brain.  When your heart beats faster and harder after exercise, that is your body signaling your brain that it needs more blood flow after exerting more energy.  When your child is running a fever, that is their body signaling their brain that it is working to get rid of the virus or infection that is causing your child to feel sick.  In the same way, when busy mom’s or working women struggle with having a “foggy brain” or feeling chronic fatigue, this is their bodies signaling their brains that too much cortisol (or stress hormone) is being released.  This is where chiropractic specifically focusing on women fits in.

Many of the health concerns of women revolve around hormonal imbalances, inflammation, anxiety, and fatigue.  These symptoms have been dubbed the title “the Western Cluster,” and our healthcare system is not yet trained on how to effectively approach these symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments helps bridge a communication between the brain and the body.  The idea of adrenal and thyroid health plays a huge role in the healthcare of women.  Research is also showing that emotions and relationships are significant players as well, and that engaging psychological and relational health will help bridge the gap of a healthy lifestyle.


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