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How many of you have been told by your physicians that according to your lab reports, you are perfectly healthy and there is nothing wrong with you?  But you know that there is something deeper… and you feel like you aren’t being heard?  I’m here to say… “I hear you!”  Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Memory Loss, Body Aches, Joint Pain, Frequent Headaches, Junk Food Cravings, Difficulty Maintaining Weight, Blood Sugar Imbalances, Gut Dysbiosis, Frequent Yeast Infections and/or UTI’s, Mood Swings, Thyroid Dysfunction, Hormonal Imbalances, Adrenal Dysfunction,  Infertility, Restless Nights, Autoimmune Diseases…. The list goes on…   Far too many women in America are seeking medical help for many of the above conditions.   Our Western way of thinking is to find a diagnosis so we can come up with a cure.

But the truth is, there is no diagnosis for any of the above conditions.  Every one of the symptoms described in the above list is your body’s way of signaling that something is not right.  Your body is sending out an S.O.S.!  Our bodies are designed to sustain under stressful situations, and are incredibly resilient; but our bodies are also designed to do whatever it takes to survive.  Under chronic stress, your brain actually signals different organ systems to shut down, in order to keep your body surviving.  Ladies, it has become the new normal, among American women, to live our lives in survival mode, and the S.O.S your body is signaling is called “Survival Overload Syndrome”!

So how do we respond to this S.O.S.?  (That’s the question I want you to be asking.)  Well, first we have to identify the source of the issues.  I like to think of the silly acronym “G-O-A-T-S”.  Before you understand what is going on in your body, you have to understand  how these 5 organ systems work together.

  1. Gut  (Nervous System/Digestive System)
  2. Ovaries (Endocrine/Reproductive Systems)
  3. Adrenals (Endocrine System)
  4. Thyroid (Endocrine System)
  5. Spine (Nervous System)

As chiropractors, we offer a unique approach to healthcare – our specialty is the Nervous System.  Yes, we work a lot with the spine, as it is a direct link to the Central Nervous System.  But what a lot of people do not realize is the integral role the Enteric Nervous System (aka the gut) plays on your body’s overall function.  Just like the brain, the gut uses over 30 neurotransmitters and produces over 95% of the chemicals responsible for processing memory and emotion.  The gut can also be considered the store-house of the body’s Immune System, as it houses a large amount of the body’s Microbiome (aka “good bacteria”).

So, as a “Women’s Health Chiropractor,” what is my approach, you ask?  I adjust the spine!  The spine is the direct link to both the Central Nervous System (brain) and the Enteric Nervous system (gut).  By re-aligning the spine (especially the pelvis in most women!), releasing tension within the spinal cord (using a special technique I use, called Torque Release), and balancing the gut nutritionally – I work with your body to signal down that S.O.S.  It is also helpful for me to work alongside a Massage Therapist to help relax the body’s muscles and tissues, and ultimately provide optimal wellness.

Once your body’s S.O.S  has signaled down, I can then focus on the Endocrine System (aka hormones).   Your ovaries, adrenals, and thyroid are your body’s three main hormonal store-houses.  Understanding how each function together lies the foundation to balancing your hormones.  My role in all of this is to: 1) Educate women about how these systems function (*I have developed an entire Women’s Health Program); 2) Empower women to know what questions to ask their Primary Care Medical Physicians; 3) Refer women to Functional Medical specialists to give them the more specific help they need.

In short, women in the United States are on a dangerous amount of prescription drugs.  On top of this, because of the way our bodies are designed, women are more susceptible than men to the risks of these medications.   Is your body sending out an S.O.S?  Are you living in survival mode?  It’s time to listen to your body’s signal, and steer in the direction towards a healthy life!


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