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Brandi Schindel

Meet Brandi, a long-time (almost original!) Lifestream team member! She is a phenomenal therapist with a passion for human movement, coupled with knowledge of how to utilize her skills as a massage therapist to enable people to maximize their movement and reduce their pain.

Growing up on a farm in small-town Iowa, Brandi thrived in her involvement in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, cross country and softball. To this day, she loves it when she can get out and move or play various sports which keeps her active and in tune with the needs of active individuals. When she decided to go to Simpson College, working with athletes of all levels was a no-brainer for her. Athletic Training was a natural choice and participating in track and field at a college-level kept her inspired. It was at Simpson, working with the athletic trainers, that Brandi took an interest in massage therapy. One of the trainers, who was also a massage therapist, taught a class about massage therapy, which sparked a desire in her to check out what it would look like to pursue further education in that profession post-graduation.

Desire and research led her to passionately pursue becoming a therapist in addition to her Athletic Training degree, and she attended Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School upon graduating from Simpson. She immediately took the path of learning sports and clinical massage techniques. A year after beginning this part of her journey, she joined our team at Lifestream. She says her favorite thing is, “focusing on helping people move better and longer!” Brandi’s laid-back personality will put you at ease and her incredible skills and additional certifications as a therapist help her to identify areas of pain and address them for more long-lasting results than what most people have experienced with massage. She and our doctors work together as a team to address both skeletal and soft tissue concerns, bringing amazing results to our patients who receive combined care.

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