Movement is the key nutrient that drives most functions in our body. Research has shown that joints limited in their range of motion cause disturbances in the nervous system, affecting the function of the rest of your body. Chiropractic care is focused on maintaining the proper function of your nervous system by removing any interference to it, usually by performing an adjustment to free restricted joints. We also offer other movement-based treatment methods to ensure your nervous system is fully functioning.

Functional Movement Systems
Used in the NFL Combine and by movement professionals to evaluate injury risk and give a baseline for movement rehabilitation and retraining.
Chiropractic Adjustment
Used to improve the function of the nervous system by freeing restricted motion in the spine and extremities. Techniques vary based on the need of the individual. Adjustments are for children, athletes, and adults of all ages.
Active Release Technique
Used by Olympic, college, and high school athletes and “weekend warriors” to remove and prevent scare tissue formation, caused by overuse.
Kinesiology Taping
Used worldwide and made popular during the 2008 Olympic Games for stabilizing the body and retraining muscle patterns.
Movement Rehabilitation
Used to retrain coordination of the nervous system through movement and teaching proper movement habits to prevent or recover from an injury.
Custom Orthotics
Used to create a solid movement foundation based on your unique structure and movement profile.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy can take many forms, from light touch to deep tissue. If can be tailored to the individual needs of the patient to offer maximum therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Massage Therapy has been used for thousands of years to increase circulation, decrease stress, and prevent injuries related to movement. Lifestream’s massage therapists are specially trained to treat athletes, prenatal, and everyone from child to grandma, using a mixture of the following techniques that best suits your individual needs.

Swedish Massage: Lighter strokes melt away stress
Deep Tissue/Myofascial: Deeper pressure relieves tension

Deep Tissue/Myofascial: Deeper pressure relieves tension
Sports Massage: Specific pressure improves mobility
Advanced Stretching: Resisted motion and promotes flexibility
AromaTouch: Application of specific oils along the spine with a gentle brush-like application to boost immune system & calm the nervous system (“special notes: no tissue work involved; not classified as massage. Thirty minute session).

Pregnancy: Special care for one who is really two
Lymphatic Drainage: Special care for swelling and edema
Barefoot Bar: Designed for one who wants maximum pressure
Aromatherapy: Essential oils are used in conjunction with a massage to create greater therapeutic and relaxation effects.

Payment options:
Pay for individual sessions at time of session
Purchase a 5 or 10 hour Massage Bundle (significant savings)
Receive our Member Pricing (special discount for members of any of our chiropractic care plans)

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy
The concept behind Nutritional Therapy is not a new one. Our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance, given the right fuel! Great nutritional pioneers provided us with supporting scientific evidence that health can be completely restored at the cellular level through consuming a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet, along with short-term use of targeted, high quality supplements (used therapeutically). By using a variety of evaluation methods and techniques a specific plan of nutritional health can be prepared for you.

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Questionnaire
  • Food Journal Evaluation
  • Initial Interview
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Nutritional Health Plan
  • Individual Counseling Sessions

Health Workshops

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