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Contact us at or give us a call at (515) 259-9336 to learn more about the 100% virtual neuro-cognitive training program.  Taking care of your brain has never been easier. 


What is it?

  • Cognitive Assessment developed at Cambridge University
  • Cognitive Training developed by world-leading neuroscientists
  • Individualized Plan overseen by physicians

Who needs it?

  • Business professionals
  • Students
  • Professional educators
  • Healthcare workers
  • Technicians
  • Parents + Grandparents
  • Athletes

Helps with:

  • Academic Improvement
  • Healthy Aging
  • Mental Health
  • Concussion Recovery
  • Improve Focus
  • Remove Brain Fog

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Contact us at or give us a call at (515) 259-9336 today!


What is NeuroVisual Training?

NVT is a reaction training program developed to enhance an athlete’s ability to see, process, and react to different stimuli quicker on their field of play.

This accomplishes three primary outcomes:

  • Improving the athlete’s performance, giving them an elite edge in their sport.
  • Reducing the chance of injury, specifically, head trauma and TBI.
  • Reducing recovery time if such head trauma does occur.
Train the brain – the body follows!

Train at a Higher Level

No matter what level you compete at (collegiate, high school, club, etc.), if you are an athlete looking to add an elite competitive edge to your game and increase your chances to stay on the field competing at a high level, this is the perfect program for you!

Take the most important step in your training and join our NVT program today!

Call Now: 515.259.9336

Training Regimen

12 Training Days

Training sessions are 45 minutes in length* consisting of 25 minutes of training on the Senaptec station and 20 minutes of training with our coaches in movement drills. The difficulty will increase based on progress of the athlete.** Group sessions are modified to provide equal training opportunities for each participant.***

2 Assessment Days

Assessment days are an integral piece of the training regimen and are spaced evenly throughout the program. Training will begin with an initial assessment to determine the athlete's baseline, followed by a progress assessment in the middle of the program (after Session 7).

1 Final Assessment

All training days culminate with a final assessment, which determines the athlete's overall success achieved in the course. This and all assessments are done on our state-of-the-art Senaptec Training Station.

*Length of sessions will vary based on multi-athlete training programs.
**Difficulty will be based on data collected and observed progress.
***We welcome groups of 2-3 registering together, but we don't offer athlete matching for group formation.



NVT was originally pioneered by Dr. Joe Clark and his team to reduce concussion risk. The brain-based physical training has three goals: eye discipline, visual speed, and brain processing. While finding an 80% reduction in cases of concussion, they also found a boost in individual athletic performance. A variety of exercises help condition the brain for a hectic environment. The enhanced cognitive and reaction skills gained through hands-on brain training push performance to a whole new level.


Senaptec is a cutting-edge sensory training system designed to give athletes a distinct advantage. The Senaptec Station tests various visual and sensorimotor abilities. We use this data to develop personalized training programs for maximum athletic improvement. As the athlete improves, the exercises automatically increase in difficulty, constantly pushing athletic performance and improvement.

This Station is used as a complement to our NVT program and provides an elite training platform for athletes looking to advance to that next level. The Station is currently being used extensively in the professional sports world by professional and other high-level athletes, with just a few of the collegiate and professional affiliates listed below.

Call Now: 515.259.9336

Who uses NVT?

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