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I first came to Lifestream after almost six months of no running. I am an avid runner who loves to run and being unable to do so was very difficult. I had seen a lot of different doctors and therapists and everyone was stumped by what was going on. I started to think maybe I wouldn’t ever be able to run again. I had been given Dr. Joe’s name by someone and I made an appointment as a last-ditch attempt. Through Dr. Joe’s work he was able to not only figure out what was going wrong, but also get me back on the roads. I remember one of our first appointments I asked, “How long until I start running?” I expected him to say a couple of months or maybe I would just have to wait and see. However, Dr. Joe said, “Two to three weeks.” I thoughts he was nuts. However, about three weeks later, I was getting back at it. I now see Dr. Joe every two weeks for general maintenance and to keep me on track. I value his knowledge, care and understanding. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

-J. Johnson

I never wanted to go to a chiropractor, but after my first week-long migraine, I decided I needed to go. Dr. Sam was recommended by a friend and I am so thankful! He is an amazing chiropractor who listens and wants to treat the problem, rather than the symptoms. For anyone who is wary of chiropractors or frustrated with doctors who don’t listen, I highly recommend Lifestream Clinic! They have helped me so much!

-Krista Brown

Dr. Joe and the staff at Lifestream Clinic have been a breath of fresh air-Practical treatment and healing modalities including total body health and wellness education, personal accountability for taking control of lifestyle choices to maintain health and wellness for a lifetime.  A fresh intelligent approach focusing not only on pain relief and healing, but also on an individual’s responsibility to be a participant in the overall outcome of treatment and the long term success of healing and personal wellness through exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices.   


I had been diagnosed with arthritis in one of my knees; the pain and swelling made it impossible to continue running or doing any activity that resulted in impact to my knees. I was managing the pain and swelling with non-prescription medication. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Sam O’Tool from the Lifestream Clinic located at the south Ames Fitness Center and was diagnosed with runner’s knee. I started scheduling chiropractic adjustments to improve joint motion and tissue strength, and also to improve neurologic coordination. They provide a natural, drug-free approach to health care. The care I received was very convenient and affordable; Dr. Sam understood my needs and I received expert care. As a result, I was able to complete the Drake Relays 10K road race without any pain or swelling. They keep you moving!

-Rich Lee

For the past seven years, I had tremendous problems with my lower leg muscles. As a college athlete, I tried physical therapy, spinal injections, and a variety of supplements and pills to help alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling. Eventually I could no longer take the pain and was not able to finish out my college athletic career. Unfortunately, hanging up my cleats did nothing to improve my condition and my everyday activities were still affected and limited. After working with Dr. Joe, I have increased mobility in my leg muscles, and I do not have near the amount of swelling or pain that I once experienced. I am so thankful for Dr. Joe’s expertise and patience in helping me through this difficult struggle. I know this may sound cheesy, but I feel like I finally have my life back!


I came in to see Dr. Joe after injuring myself while lifting weights. After a few ART treatments, Dr. Joe was able to help my body heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery...and I was able to get back to lifting weights pain-free! Dr. Joe is knowledgeable, and a great chiropractor and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone...he's a great guy and in meeting with him you can tell he genuinely cares for you as a person...not just a collection of symptoms.


Fourteen years ago I began experiencing severe lower back pain accompanied by pain and numbness down my left leg. I was seven months pregnant with our first at the time and the doctors told me it would go away after delivery. It didn't. Over the next several years I saw multiple doctors, pain specialists, physical therapists, other chiropractors, had an MRI done, and even went to the extreme of receiving two rounds of epidural steroid injections. All to no avail. It seemed each doctor had a different diagnosis along with a different treatment, but none had the expertise to look at me as a whole person-to find the root of the problem. Nothing was helping. I finally simply accepted that chronic debilitating pain was something I needed to learn to live with.

I was introduced to Dr. Joe 2 1/2 years ago during my pregnancy with my fifth child. I was in so much pain, I figured I had nothing to lose by going to see one more chiropractor. I am so thankful I did! Dr. Joe took the time to listen and really search out the underlying causes for the pain. I appreciate his understanding of the body as a system and his expertise in applying a holistic approach to his patients. I always felt like the other doctors were fighting against my body, whereas Dr. Joe works with the body to help it heal. He recommended I receive massage therapy as well as chiropractic care and this approach has provided so much relief for me! I am more fully engaged in my own life and actually look forward to exercise now! I can't thank Dr. Joe and the massage therapists of Lifestream enough...It may sound trite, but I truly feel they have given me my life back!

-Jenny Conner

I feel like I am actually being cared for and listened to, which encourages me to continue with treatments. There isn’t just one or two ways of trying to resolve any problems or conditions I have. I feel like the care is very much personalized to me and my life.


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