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At Lifestream Brain + Body Clinic, we take a functional neurology approach to care. We utilize vestibular rehab, soft tissue therapies, neuro-visual training, neuro-cognitive training, brain based adjusting, kinesiology taping, balance training, autonomic training, low level laser, and many other treatments. All of these are layered based on patient presentation and response during rehab.

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Improve Performance

Reduce Chance of Injury

Reduce Recovery Time

What does Post-Concussion Care look like at Lifestream?

The first step in receiving care post-concussion is to schedule an exam with one of our doctors. You can do so today by calling us at (515) 259-9336 or online HERE. If you're out-of-area, feel free to schedule a telehealth session with a doctor to determine if travel to our area for care would be a benefit for you or if one of our virtual programs could help.

We layer a variety of modalities and treatments based on patient presentation, exam findings and response during rehab. Treatments may include:


  • Vestibular rehab
  • Soft tissue therapies
  • Neuro-visual training
  • Neuro-cognitive training
  • Brain based adjusting
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Autonomic training
  • Low-Level laser
  • & more

Train at a Higher Level

No matter what level you compete at (collegiate, high school, club, etc.), if you are an athlete looking to add an elite competitive edge to your game and increase your chances to stay on the field competing at a high level, this is the perfect program for you!

Take the most important step in your training and join our NVT program today!

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The 4 R's of Concussion


Did you know it’s been proven that concussion risk can be modified without completely avoiding high risk activities? Learn more about reducing concussion with our NVT program HERE.


Proper diagnosis is key to determine what phenotype of concussion has been sustained. Weekly Virtual baseline testing is ideal to develop a valid baseline. Learn more about how to monitor your brain health and recognize concussion quickly HERE.


We utilize functional neurology and layer therapies based on the phenotype of concussion that has been sustained to address symptoms and reduce long term affects.


We work with parents and other healthcare team members to return patient safely to play, work and learn.



NVT was originally pioneered by Dr. Joe Clark and his team to reduce concussion risk. The brain-based physical training has three goals: eye discipline, visual speed, and brain processing. While finding an 80% reduction in cases of concussion, they also found a boost in individual athletic performance. A variety of exercises help condition the brain for a hectic environment. The enhanced cognitive and reaction skills gained through hands-on brain training push performance to a whole new level.


Senaptec is a cutting-edge sensory training system designed to give athletes a distinct advantage. The Senaptec Station tests various visual and sensorimotor abilities. We use this data to develop personalized training programs for maximum athletic improvement. As the athlete improves, the exercises automatically increase in difficulty, constantly pushing athletic performance and improvement.

This Station is used as a complement to our NVT program and provides an elite training platform for athletes looking to advance to that next level. The Station is currently being used extensively in the professional sports world by professional and other high-level athletes, with just a few of the collegiate and professional affiliates listed below.

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Who uses NVT?

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