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Who We Are

We are elite level physicians working to provide you with the answers and care for your everyday needs. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your road to recovery and a better you. Our training in classic chiropractic care, as well as our continued work in physical rehab and post-doctoral neurological performance and rehab allow our patients to be completely confident that they are getting the best treatment available. We combine this knowledge with an avid quest to make sure that we are transparent and that our patients are informed regarding their ailment and best treatment options. At Lifestream, you can be sure that our caring professionals have their entire focus on what is best for you to live life on your terms.


At Lifestream, we have your overall health as our goal.

You have heard about chiropractic care and possibly even gone to a chiropractor or two over the years. Or maybe you've been skeptical that chiropractic care could really help you with something beyond back or neck pain (what we're best known for!).  Either way, you’re likely leery to try a new doctor. We understand that – and have even experienced it ourselves!  We are already looking forward to meeting you and helping you move past whatever obstacle you're facing in your health.


Our Team


Dr. Joe O’Tool, D.C., DACNB, SFMA, ART

Chiropractic Neurologist

Dr. Joe is the visionary and constant inspiration to our team as we move forward in helping others thrive in life.

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Dr. Sam O’Tool, D.C., SFMA, ART


Dr. Sam's journey through sports injuries led him to combine his passion for helping others with his passion for understanding for human movement by becoming a chiropractor.

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Tina Langhough, LMT, NCBTMB Certified, Z-Health Master Practitioner

Massage Therapist

Tina has been doing massage as a career since the year 2000. When we asked her what she loves the most about it and why she's stuck with it for so long, she said, "I enjoy helping people reduce pain and stress in their body so they can enjoy more of the activities they love to do!"

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Grace Pudenz

Grace Pudenz


Grace is a great fit for the Lifestream team, with her love for people and passion for helping people take back their health. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Professional Practice in Dietetics and will be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist within the next year.

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Leah Davenport

Office Manager

Leah's high level organizational skills and commitment to excellence make her the perfect person for the role of office manager on our team.

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Emily Archer

Front Desk Team

Emily and her husband, Tanner, live in Ankeny with their three children. They play an active role in their church community, as well as their kids' school community. Emily also owns a small home-based bakery, and loves to create delicious treats to share with her family and friends.

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Jill Baldwin

Front Desk Team

Jill's personal journey with chiropractic care has been nothing short of transformative, and she's thrilled to be a part of Lifestream which provides the same healing power she has experienced firsthand.

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Brooke Shrum

Front Desk Team

Brooke is a part of our phenomenal Front Desk Team! Caring for people and getting to know people on a personal level are both passions of Brooke.

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Hannah Gustoff

Front Desk Team

We’d like to introduce you to Hannah, one of our front desk team members! In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, trying local coffee shops, and shopping on Amazon. She also loves the outdoors. No matter how hot it is outside, she is always open to going on a hike or even a walk to enjoy nature.

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Angie O’Tool

Marketing + Communication Director

Angie loves helping create & communicate about the innovative ways we provide answers and hope for patients. She loves connecting with other healthcare providers to assist in the collaborative care of patients and working alongside her husband, Dr. Joe, & the entire Lifestream Team.

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Michelle O’Tool

Team Support

Michelle is one of those people who can be found “behind the scenes” and doesn’t seek attention, but she certainly deserves it for all she does in caring for the well-being of others.

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Regan O'Tool

Patient Account Representative

Meet Regan, Lifestream’s Patient Account Representative! Regan does all of our behind-the-scenes work setting up patient Care Plans as well as taking care of much of the billing.

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The Lifestream Story

A Tale of Two Brothers


Years ago, two young brothers started their first entrepreneurial venture together: a guppy fish farm. It inevitably failed due to the already thriving guppy population and plenty of other competitors (the guppy business is surprisingly cut-throat). Surrounded by six other brothers and a sister, these brothers continued to venture on in business together, next with an also-failed cockatiel farm and eventually a successful lawn care business. Although there were several years of intense rivalry, the brothers remained close. Their passions for helping people, getting to the root of how things work, and freedom of movement increased. The older brother, Joe, decided to pursue helping others find freedom from pain by becoming a chiropractor. The younger, Sam, was set on dentistry but intrigued with what Joe began learning and how it aligned with his passion. He changed course and they ventured together again.

Lifestream Clinic was born out of the desire to help people change their life. Drs. Joe & Sam's genuine care and unique ability to identify and treat patient's health concerns was noticed.  Health care innovators reached out to ask them to partner in health-focused facilities. Soon, other caring experts joined their team and the vision grew. Today, our mission is built on the same values of genuine care for you as an individual. This drives us to expand our knowledge, resources, and team as we constantly seek out unique ways for you to get and stay healthy through moving well.
We are thrilled to get to work with you – athletes, parents, kids of all ages, office workers, expectant moms, lovers of life. Your health is our goal. Your movement, your enjoyment of life and your ability to do what you love. We understand that it may sound daunting to ever achieve those things right now. Together, with you, we will find a way to restore your health and free you to do the things you love.
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