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Dr. Sam O’Tool, D.C., SFMA, ART

Our team is thankful for Dr. Sam’s presence, as he often gives much needed brakes to Dr. Joe’s many ideas. Together, they make a great team in business and truly enjoy working together.

Dr. Sam’s lifelong passion for physical activity and desire to understand how the body functions (coupled with his competitive nature) led him to compete in anything he could - basketball, football, and weight lifting were a few of his favorites. Through these activities, he sustained a series of injuries that greatly affected his ability to physically compete and he soon found out that active, movement-based chiropractic care was what helped him the most. An unexpected result of these injuries was a deep compassion for others, since he now knew what it was like to live with pain that caused limitations to what he could do. His journey through these injuries led him to combine his passion for helping others with his passion for understanding for human movement… which also happened to be what his brother was pursuing.

While at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Sam had the privilege to further enhance his education as an intern with two doctors that served on the Olympic medical team. He realized during his internship that everyone deserves the same high level care, whether their goal is to compete in the Olympics by functioning at the optimal level, or to be able to pursue their hobbies and play with their children and grandchildren pain free. He is driven to help patients stay active so that they can live life the way they want, pain free. 

Outside the practice Dr. Sam is passionate about sharing life with his amazing wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Teagan and Brielle. His love for serving His Savior, Jesus Christ, leads him to serve others through their local church and community. Dr. Sam and his family consider their greatest purpose on Earth, even more than helping patients physically, is helping people spiritually by pointing them to seek a relationship with Jesus.   

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