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Jill Baldwin

Jill's personal journey with chiropractic care has been nothing short of transformative, and she's thrilled to be a part of Lifestream which provides the same healing power she has experienced firsthand. Armed with a deep passion for assisting others and an understanding of chiropractic benefits, Jill is eager to make a positive impact on the well-being of those she encounters at the clinic.

Along with working at Lifestream, Jill wears many hats in life – she's a devoted wife, mother, homeschool mom, and foster parent. Her entire world revolves loving and serving others well, whether it's within the walls of her home, through ministry work, or overseas with global missions. Ultimately, Jill's aim is to follow Christ by living a life full of love, service, compassion, and kindness.

In her downtime, Jill finds joy in life's simple pleasures: cozying up with a good book, going fishing or biking with her family, and snuggling with her furry friends. Game nights are a cherished tradition in their home, often culminating in fits of laughter that resonate throughout the house. Jill also loves to dig in the dirt - enjoying the planning, planting, and tending of her gardens. Her friends are an integral part of her life and she looks forward to meeting up with them at local coffee shops to chat and share the joys and challenges of life - all while sipping on the goodness of a raspberry mocha, with an extra shot of raspberry please!


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