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Dr. Joe O’Tool, D.C., SFMA, ART

Dr. Joe is the visionary and constant inspiration to our team as we move forward in helping others thrive in life. His personal mission statement is “Step up. Change lives. Inspire others.” He is an active member of his local church. Caring for his patients and lecturing on a wide variety of topics from health to leadership (both in the US and internationally) are ways he enjoys living out this mission. Though he is confident in his knowledge and abilities, he is often misunderstood because of them. Helping others is the driving purpose of his life, and if you hear someone saying he really cares for people more than himself, it is not just a nice accolade – it’s a core truth about him.

Professionally, he has a number of additional chiropractic certifications and has post-doctorate level training in Lifestyle Wellness. He’s currently pursuing his post-doctorate in Functional Neurology and can’t wait to help his patients with the knowledge he gains as a result of this study over the next few years. He and his wife, Angie, enjoy starting up various projects and businesses and working alongside each other. They do their best to incorporate their family and relationship into the many things they are involved in.

Personally, he loves reading, investing in others, serving others, time with his crazy kiddos (Lexi, Quinn, Juliet & Rowan and their yet-to-be-adopted child), traveling with Angie and the kids, and contemplating ways we can all do simple things to change the world.

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