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Sara Jo Olson

Meet Sara Jo, whose passion for health, human movement and a positive team environment led her to Lifestream in 2019.  Her heart to serve took her from her graduation from Ankeny High School (in her own words: “too long ago to mention”!) to seek out helping society at large through a BA degree in Social Work from Waldorf and Augustana College(s). 

Her interest in health and helping others took her further and she graduated from Body Wisdom Massage Institute in 2007 with an emphasis in Orthopedic and Sports Massage techniques.  About her profession, Sara Jo says, “I am fascinated by the healing that comes through body work.  I look forward to being a part of your healthy living routine!” 

When you meet her, you can sense and see her passion – not just for helping others through massage therapy, but for living a full, vibrant life. Her family and faith are at the center of her life. She and her husband of 23 years have lived in Ankeny together for the past 18 + years, along with their children, Autumn (19) and Zach (16). They live the life many people talk about but never take action to pursue – full of wilderness canoe trips (they actually met years ago as tour guides in the Boundary Waters!), sailing, running, swimming and traveling anywhere they can.

She and our doctors work together as a team to address both skeletal and soft tissue concerns, bringing amazing results to our patients who receive combined care.

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