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Hannah standing in front of a wall, holding a ball for the NeuroGro program

NeuroGro Highlight: Meet Hannah!

Hello! My name is Hannah, and I’m thrilled to work as a NeuroGro Therapist at Lifestream Brain + Body! I graduated from Emmaus Bible College with a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology, and I’m a proud mama to my precious six-month old son with my amazing husband, Jonah. 

Working with kids has always been my passion, and I truly believe they’re a gift from the Lord. That’s why when I was introduced to NeuroGro, I immediately knew that this was going to help so many kids. It’s tough enough for kids to navigate and regulate their emotions and find their place in the world, but add neurological challenges into the mix, and it can be a real uphill battle for both kids and parents.

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Nurturing Potential: Signs Your Child Could Benefit from NeuroGro

Wondering if NeuroGro is the right fit for your child? Here are some signs that might help you decide!

  1. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: If your child’s emotions seem like a wild ride – from highs to lows and everything in between – it might be a clue they could benefit from NeuroGro’s tailored approach.
  2. MOOD SWINGS: Constant mood swings that leave you scratching your head? NeuroGro can offer strategies to help your child better manage their emotions.
  3. TEMPER TANTRUMS: Explosive behaviors are tough on everyone. NeuroGro specializes in addressing these challenges, providing tools to navigate and diffuse difficult moments.
  4. DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS: If you’ve noticed delays in your child’s development, NeuroGro’s individualized sessions can target specific areas, ensuring they catch up and thrive.
  5. EASILY DISTRACTED: Difficulty focusing and being easily distracted can be a sign. NeuroGro’s targeted therapies aim to enhance attention and concentration.

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