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Unveiling NeuroGro: Nurturing Hope, Providing Help, and Fostering Healing for Kids

Parenting is quite the adventure, especially when faced with the twists and turns of suspected developmental or learning challenges. Enter NeuroGro – the program designed for kids aged 5-15, and parents like you, navigating uncharted territories.


We get it. Kids facing difficulties in emotional and physical regulation, learning, and explosive behaviors can make the parenting journey feel like a rollercoaster. NeuroGro isn’t ”just another program”; it’s intentionally crafted by a Board-Certified Functional Neurologist to bring practical solutions to everyday challenges your child faces.    


  1. Oversight by a Board-Certified Functional Neurologist: Our doctor’s intensive training in the brain is an overarching benefit to all who participate in this program. We’ll first find out the root cause of what is causing your child’s dysfunction or struggles, then develop an individualized plan just for them. All of the providers in our clinic are caring individuals who have your child’s health, healing and growth as their topmost priority.
  2. Comprehensive Therapies: NeuroGro tackles the unique challenges head-on. From neuro-visual exercises to laser therapy, each component is chosen to make a difference without unnecessary fluff.
  3. Nutritional Support: We know nutrition matters. NeuroGro keeps it real with straightforward nutritional recommendations that align with your child’s unique needs.
  4. At-Home Options: Parenting is a 24/7 gig. NeuroGro extends its impact with at-home therapy options, ensuring consistent progress even outside our clinic doors.


Your child isn’t alone in their struggles, and neither are you. NeuroGro cuts through the noise, offering practical sessions, gamified tests, and active brain rehab – all tailored for re-training the brain to overcome real-life challenges.

Boy using synaptec board


To all the parents and caregivers out there seeking real solutions, NeuroGro is here for you. Take the first step, request a short Discovery Call to see if this is right for your child and let’s embark on this journey together.

For more detailed information about the program and what to expect, head on over to our NeuroGro page.

NeuroGro at Lifestream Brain + Body Clinic is your partner in this journey – practical, effective, and ready to make a difference. Because every child, especially those facing developmental or learning challenges, deserves a straightforward path to unlocking their potential. Join us, and let’s navigate this adventure together and make a difference in the life of your child!

NeuroGro Icons showing process of the program

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